In 1796 a handful of United Empire Loyalist refugee families settled near Fifty Mile Creek.  With the help of a Methodist circuit rider they gathered every week at a site on the creek’s west bank for worship and spiritual nurture, and became known as “the Meeting by the Fifty.”


The name stuck and so did the church.   In 1828 when the Methodist Episcopal Church separated from the American Methodists, “The Fifty” was one of its congregations.  In 1925 the congregation joined Church Union and became Fifty United Church. 


The village of Winona grew up west of the church, and the church was a source of civic leadership – something that has continued as Winona has grown from village to town, to become part of Stoney Creek, and now the amalgamated City of Hamilton.


The church’s membership has been renewed many times over through growth of the original settlement, immigration and new residential development.  Newer and older members mingle easily within the church, brought together by shared love of God and neighbour, and a desire to make a difference together for good in the world.

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